Amusement Parks in Los Angeles

Greater Los Angeles is home to several amusement parks.

If you are tired of watching the Bollywood, Tamil and Telugu movies, Los Angeles area amusement parks provide an excellent alternative entertainment option for kids, adults as well as family members visiting from India.

Disneyland Anaheim
Disneyland @ Anaheim
(Picture Courtesy - Disney)

Here is a listing of Amusement Parks in Los Angeles area:

Knott's Berry Farm
A popular theme park located in Buena Park, California Knott's Berry Park consists of five theme areas:

  • Ghost Town
  • Fiesta Village
  • The Boardwalk
  • Camp Snoopy
  • Indian Trails

    An extremely popular theme park in Anaheim, Southern California.

    The famous park was designed by the legendary Walt Disney.

    Covering 85 acres, Disneyland has 58 attractions.

    Attractions at Disneyland include rides, shows and exhibits.

    Since Disneyland is wildly popular and attracts visitors from around the world, be prepared to wait for long lines.

    It is highly recommended that you buy your tickets in advance.

    Universal Studios
    A movie studio and theme park in Universal City, Southern California.

    Besides being the location of one of America's oldest movie studio, this popular tourist attraction also houses several rides that are a big hit with both the young and the old.

    Don't be surprised to see costumed characters like Dracula, Marilyn Monroe, Groucho Marx, Woody Woodpecker, members of the SpongeBob family on the park grounds.